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Business Diagnostic of the Hotel Kvareli Eden


Kvareli Eden

SavvY made a business diagnostic of the hotel “Kvareli Eden”. While working on the project, the team studied several key areas of the hotel – organizational structure, operational processes, market analysis, customer satisfaction, financial information, KPI ratios, condition of assets. For this purpose, both primary and secondary research were conducted, in-depth interviews were held with staff, statistical analysis of tourism and financial information was prepared for several years. The main competitors were identified – their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the team conducted site visits to identify problematic assets. After studying the key drivers of the hotel business, a set of recommendations and an action plan were identified, according to which at the final stage of the project, a scenario analysis was prepared with a 7-year forecast, which suggests what financial results the company will be able to receive if it takes into account various recommendations.


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