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Asset Valuation

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Valuation gives the opportunity of creation an idea regarding the most likely value of an asset as of a specific valuation date. The value of an asset can vary according to the type of appraisal value (market, fair, specific, investment) or the assumptions the interested side wishes to consider. The assumptions underlying the valuation of a specific asset is of a great importance, especially when valuing a business interest, as any agreement and condition can substantially impact on the value of an asset.
The most common standard cases occur when financial reporting and tax purposes require asset valuation. However, when the alternate identification is put in the agenda, which maximizes the benefit from the asset removal, the valuation becomes essential in selecting asset acquisition, disposal, or asset utilization scenarios.

You can use the qualified valuation service in the following situations:

  1. During the preparation of financial reports, the assessment or revaluation of assets is
    mandatory or recommended in accordance with the standards.
  2. To satisfy tax obligations fairly due to the fact that, in most cases, the book value of the assets differs from their market value, and which the tax authorities will rely on when evaluating the taxable base during a tax audit. 
  3. To identify the expected value of the asset to be acquired and/or disposed, as well as its best use, before engaging in a big deal.

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What we offer

We actively carry out valuation and report preparation in full compliance with International Valuation Standards (IVS), ensuring the validity of the document within the jurisdiction of Georgia and beyond. When conducting the valuation for financial reporting purposes, we ensure compliance with the requirements of the IFRS 13 standard.

At the initial stage, the SavvY team will actively assist you to determine the details of the service you need. We actively identify the type of optimal appraised value based on your goals, determine the date of the appraisal, specify the appraisal approaches, and identify the appropriate assumptions and scenarios.

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