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Financial Management for Food To Go Businesses

Financial Management for Food To Go Businesses

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The service seeks to overcome several business challenges, addressing issues such as:

  • Inventory Write-off and Cost Calculation: The presence of inconsistent or incorrect costing formulas leads to inaccurate pricing and inappropriate margin assessment. This undermines the financial integrity of the business and hinders effective decision-making.
  • Timely Cost Control Amid Raw Material Price Volatility: Managing costs efficiently in the face of fluctuating raw material prices requires swift and adaptive strategies. Without proper control measures, profitability can be significantly impacted.
  • Absence or Insufficient Financial Information for Analysis: The lack of high-quality financial data inhibits robust financial analysis, hindering the ability to identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize performance.
  • Challenges in Working Capital Financing: Given the seasonal nature of these businesses and their reliance on tourism, securing adequate working capital financing poses additional hurdles. Access to timely funding to sustain operations during off-peak periods becomes a pressing concern.

To address these complexities, businesses must prioritize implementing accurate costing methodologies, enhancing cost control mechanisms, improving financial reporting systems, and exploring innovative financing solutions tailored to their unique operational cycles. Adopting proactive measures in these areas will foster financial resilience and enable more strategic business management.

Hence, ensuring access to high-quality financial information at all times is imperative for a company to make informed business and strategic decisions effectively.


What we offer

SavvY specializes in providing premium services tailored for Food to Go businesses, encompassing the following key areas:

  • Financial management
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Financial assessment and support for critical decision-making within the company's operations
  • Assistance in securing additional financial resources to sustain ongoing activities and growth initiatives

SavvY collaborates with POS terminal provider POSTER to extend this service to catering establishments.

Poster POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale system designed for cafes and restaurants, featuring an intuitive interface and competitive pricing compared to other POS solutions in the market.

*SavvY customers utilizing this service are eligible for an exclusive offer from Poster POS.

Service Components

Financial Management

Bi-weekly comprehensive analysis of all cash transactions derived from bank statements and POS data, focusing on industry-specific key performance indicators. This includes evaluating top-selling products and monitoring cash flow pertaining to debtors and creditors.

It's important to highlight that these financial metrics will be discussed during a scheduled meeting with the client every two weeks. Additionally, a concise summary outlining key findings and any identified issues from each meeting will be promptly delivered to the client within two working days following the session.

Monthly Financial Reporting

Preparation of monthly financial statements no later than 25 days after the end of each month. Monthly reporting includes:

  • profit and loss statement
  • balance sheet
  • cash flow statement - by direct method
  • Monthly review of the financial outcomes with the client company's management team, accompanied by detailed explanatory notes and relevant financial ratios for comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

It's important to emphasize that the monthly financial report will be presented during a scheduled meeting with the client, aimed at sharing pertinent financial information and recommendations. Furthermore, a concise summary highlighting the main findings and addressing any identified issues from each meeting will be delivered to the client within two working days following the session.

Financial assessment/support of important decisions for the company:

  • New Product/Order Profitability Analysis: Conduct detailed assessments to calculate the profitability of new products or orders, providing insights into cost structures and revenue potentials.
  • Project Evaluation (Including Equipment Replacement/Renovation): Undertake thorough evaluations of new projects, including equipment replacement or renovation initiatives, to determine feasibility and expected financial impacts.
  • Implementation of Unified Accounting and Financial Reporting Policies: Deploy a standardized accounting and financial reporting policy across the company to ensure the efficient consolidation of financial data at any given time.
  • Costing Principles Familiarization and Support for Product Managers: Educate product managers on existing costing principles and offer support in cost analysis to align product strategies with financial objectives.
  • New Product Cost Calculation According to Recipes and Accounting Program Support: Calculate costs for new products based on recipes and assist in integrating these costs accurately into the accounting system.
  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial Performance Analysis by Products/Facilities: Conduct comprehensive analyses of financial performance on a monthly or quarterly basis, examining all products or facilities, and provide recommendations for enhancing financial outcomes

If necessary, support in obtaining additional financial resources for the current activities of the company

  • Engaging in Discussions with Local Financial Institutions (Primarily Banks):
  • Assessing Terms and Conditions from Financial Institutions:
  • Evaluating Offers from Multiple Financial Institutions and Reporting to Management:

For more detailed information or to request a personalized offer, please complete the questionnaire provided.

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