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Financial Modeling

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When you need us

  • Investment Appraisal – To make prudent and savvy financial decisions regarding your investment opportunities. The financial model enables you to assess revenue and expenditure streams and alternative business development scenarios.
  • Access to Finance – To create the best possible tool for funding opportunities for your various investment applications (loan, grant, equity).
  • Business Expansion – To serve as a stepping stone instrument to financially evaluate your business development strategy.


What we offer

We create a well-designed, automated analytical spreadsheet. By maintaining a high client engagement, we tailor the main assumptions depending on the pattern of the business concept to structure the financial model. The spreadsheet contains scenarios and sensitivity analysis considering clients’ needs. SavvY is flexible to fit varied modeling approaches: using the client's expertise or starting from scratch with industrial assumptions and competitors' analysis. Through this financial tool, we offer a continuous value that can be successfully utilized even after the project period.

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