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Investment Advising

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When you need us

The primary role of investment advising is to provide independent advice on financial reasonableness for potential investments subject to shareholder’s preferences and current market trends; and track financial efficiency of shareholders existing investment portfolio.

Individual or institutional investors who are seeking professional guidance and expertise in managing their investment portfolio can benefit from this service. Whether they are new to investing, have complex financial goals, or require assistance in navigating the investment landscape, our service can provide personalized advice and help optimize the investment strategies.

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What we offer

This service typically offers support in a range of directions to assist you with the investment advisory needs. While the specific offerings may vary based on your clients’ needs, here are some common directions that the services might offer:

  • Prepare and evaluate financial model for the investment opportunities of the company via collecting all necessary financial assumptions.
  • Based on the confirmed financial model, provide the initial financial recommendations regarding the financial attractiveness of the investment opportunity
  • Update of the financial models to evaluate impact on ROE, Yield and IRR. 
  • Compare the updated financial model to the investment memo.
  • Monitor the financial performance of all companies within the group and present the opinion to the shareholders. In case of significant variences in the presented financial performance reports, access to all company wide information, including contracts, current negotiations as well as primary financial information from banks
  • Monitor cash flow management within all companies and present the opinion to the shareholders.
  • Evaluate and express expert financial opinion about proposed investment opportunity. If needed, ask for additional validation from third parties to prove the business model and main financial assumptions.
  • Evaluate the proposed changes in the investment memos for individual investment projects and advise shareholders regarding the reasonableness of the proposed changes.
  • Evaluate financial performance of all ongoing investment projects on a quarterly basis and provide recommendations regarding financial efficiency to the shareholders.
  • Initiate external financial audit whenever necessary.
  • Engage in financial transaction advisory activities both within and outside the country of operations.
  • Lead the negotiations with local and international financial institutions on behalf of shareholders.

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