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Business Plan For a Hotel Complex in Tianeti

Private Investor

The SavvY team has prepared a business plan for a hotel complex in Tianeti. The project complex envisions the construction of an upscale guesthouse that includes a hotel, three cottages, an independent space for a restaurant/conference hall, a greenhouse, and a small farm.

The concept of the complex includes an exterior and interior in harmony with the local culture, a gastronomic experience with natural Georgian ingredients, closeness to nature, a tour of the greenhouse or microfarm, and an independent space for group meetings.

               Screenshot 2023-06-13 162517-min.png  Screenshot 2023-06-13 162552-min.png   Screenshot 2023-06-13 162500-min.png

For the project, international and domestic visitors to the Tianeti region were studied and trends in tourism and hospitality were analyzed. The SavvY team studied existing competitors not only in terms of hospitality, but also in terms of gastronomic and agrotourism services. Finally, a financial model was created that evaluated the attractiveness of the investment by forecasting revenues and expenditures and identifying the investment required to implement the project.

The SavvY team continues to support the project with financial assistance. The project is in the implementation phase.


Business Plan, Financial Modeling