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Digital Skills Training For Entrepreneurs



The Be Digital initiative, supported by Enterprise Georgia and the Rural SMEs Development Project, a consortium comprising Swisscontact, Mercy Corps, and the Springfield Centre for business in Development, and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), aimed to provide digital skills training to entrepreneurs in order to improve their business operations. Recognising the need for training, Enterprise Georgia, with the support of the RSMED project, engaged the consulting firm SavvY to give technical assistance (TA) to its beneficiaries on the use of digital products.

The objectives of the project, entrusted to the SavvY Team, were to equip entrepreneurs with digital knowledge and skills to enhance the effectiveness of business communication skills of entrepreneurs. Trainers organized a comprehensive training series that provided instruction on various digital technologies that simplify marketing and financial operations. The training curriculum encompassed multiple skills, including registering and using email, creating electronic signatures, utilizing online communication platforms, developing basic design skills like logo and brochure creation, handling invoicing, registering on business platforms, and performing data modelling using Excel functions. Participants acquired essential knowledge of income and expense tables, tax calculations, and profit margin analysis.

How We Helped

During the training series, trainers engaged participants in interactive sessions, introducing them to various digital technologies and tools. We provided step-by-step instruction and practical exercises to ensure entrepreneurs could confidently navigate these digital resources.

SavvY team designed a tailored 6-hour training course to meet the beneficiaries' specific needs. The training was open to the beneficiaries of Enterprise Georgia. 85+ participants attended the six training courses, with 78 being beneficiaries and the remaining eight accompanying individuals. 

The training classes covered five major cities: Rustavi, Telavi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, and Batumi. 

During the training sessions, the SavvY Team accompanied all beneficiaries who needed to be more familiar with the training materials. They enrolled on the proper platforms by setting up their accounts and addressing issues. The team-maintained attendance data and facilitated the completion of a satisfaction assessment by the attendees after each training session. Participants assessed the questions on a one-choice scale, and 74 attendees provided feedback, expressing their satisfaction with the training.

Impact and Potential

Through 6 training courses, 85+ entrepreneurs gained essential digital literacy skills in 5 major cities, empowering them to effectively navigate and leverage digital technologies. This increased proficiency enables them to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape and stay competitive. By mastering digital tools, entrepreneurs can streamline their marketing and financial operations. They can leverage email communication, online platforms, and design skills to enhance customer engagement, create marketing materials, and automate tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Even during the training, entrepreneurs developed several digital tools for their operations. For example, they created the company logo, registered their location on Google Maps. Several entrepreneurs created the company brochure, etc.

The impact of the Be Digital project extends beyond individual entrepreneurs as trained beneficiaries applies their digital skills. It can inspire others to embrace digital transformation, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

The Be Digital project, executed by SavvY Team, successfully empowered entrepreneurs with crucial digital skills to streamline their marketing and financial operations. By bridging the digital divide, the project empowered the beneficiary businesses by providing them with valuable knowledge and experience navigating the digital landscape.


Digital Transformation, Ecosystem Development