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Feasibility Study of Invino



SavvY conducted a feasibility study to evaluate the building of a hotel on a 46-hectare land plot in Kvareli.

In terms of research, a detailed market analysis was conducted, taking political, social-economic, technological, cultural, environmental, and legal factors all into consideration. The project itself included international and domestic visitors’ quantitative and qualitative research, hospitality industry trends, statistics of accommodation units, and market competitors, along with a detailed analysis of the hotel’s pricing strategy. The research also included interviews with the representatives from seven inbound travel agencies. For the project, SavvY negotiated with several international companies, giving viable suggestions to the client for operating the hotel.
A strong concept and convincing financial calculations were prepared for the investment project that was based on industry supply and demand trends. As a result of the feasibility study, the investment was evaluated with high reliability.


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